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Dental Mobile Apps

The latest in a line of cutting edge technologies that are providing 'shift changing' advantages in patient communication, mobile apps enable you to elevate your practice brand in the minds of your patients, as well as significantly increase referrals and the uptake of your focus treatments.

As with websites, not all mobile apps are created equally. High calibre mobile apps deliver the right combination of aesthetic design, functionality and usability - and with this, a genuine understanding of the application in which they are intended... which, in this case, is of course dentistry and orthodontics.

A custom mobile app to differentiate your practice with the latest technology, from an affordable monthly amount - you could have the dental and orthodontic practice app from Jump!

Grow your patient numbers and treament take-up

Direct communication with patients

Excellent return on investment

With over 15 years of dental experience combined with digital marketing expertise, we specialise in working closely with practices to develop powerful mobile apps for dentists and orthodontists that are expertly designed, and passionately crafted using incredible technology that is trusted by thousands of practices worldwide.

Effective Copyrighting

Custom made to your exact requirements for iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems, you can ensure all of your key information is always close at hand for your valued patients

As the late great Steve Jobs of the Apple Corporation once said, 'Innovation distinguishes between the leader and the follower'. Mobile apps provide the ideal opportunity for forward-thinking practices to demonstrate this in their field of expertise.

Our Mobile Apps have so many Useful Features!

Practice Information Management

Manage practice information such as details about your practice (including opening times, address and location with driving instructions) team and focus treatments

Practices News and Articles

Inform patients with the latest treatment and prmotional news at the practice directly to their mobile via your practice app

Integration of your Social Media Pages

Quickly, easily and effectively gain more 'likes', 'followers' and encourage patients to recommend you to their social network

Accept Bookings and Enquiries

Via our Booking System or Integrate with your Existing Scheduling Software your new practice app will allow your 'app users' to request appointments directly from your treatment menu

Remind Patients of Upcoming Appointments

Remind Patients of Upcoming Appointments and Promote Special Offers/ Events - with pop up messages that appear on the front screens of their mobile phones. The best bit ? It's FREE to send , unlike the usual charge of an SMS!

Manage your App with Management Software

With Clever Management Software you will be able to view insightful reports and monitor the success of your app by reviewing how many calls, appointments and referrals you receive.

Tell us about your practice app requirements

Let us help you get your practice communicating directly to patient mobile devices

Creating your very own dental or orthodontic mobile app need not cost the earth. Let us create your very own practice app, for an affordable monthly amount, without the need for huge development costs.

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